Aylesbury Ring

The Aylesbury Ring is a walking route of 32 miles encircling Buckinghamshire’s county town Aylesbury

Devised by members of the Aylesbury and District Ramblers, the route visits many of the pretty villages which have so far mercifully escaped the avarice of Aylesbury’s swelling suburbs and displays the surprising amount of interest there is to see in this less challenging, though no less attractive, quarter of the county.

The Outer Aylesbury Ring, has since been added: a route of fully 53 miles to provide a wider perspective of the Vale of Aylesbury and the Chiltern escarpment.

Both of the routes trespass into the Tring Salient of Hertfordshire, which is forgivable and visit places of interest as they go.

(A third route has been devised, a family walk, is the Round Aylesbury Walk, running close at and within the edges of the townscape.)

Route map



From the Aylesbury and District Ramblers: