Middlesex Border Walk

The Middlesex Border Walk is a county boundary path being developed in collaboration with the Association of British Counties, and the development page is hosted here on WildþingUK.

Circling Middlesex, for most of its length, the Middlesex Boundary Path actually runs on or within a few hundred yards of the county border. Elsewhere it follows closely around the border as far as is practical, trespassing over the border but briefly on occasion.

The route takes in a variety of scenery, including the city and the suburbs, “Metro-Land”, industrial lands, canal towpaths, riverbanks, farms, woods and open countryside, in particular in the north of the county. It allows for excursions from the path to explore places of interest around the county’s edge, in a miscellany of towns, villages and their innumerable pubs.

The total length of the walk in its current draft form is 121 miles. When finished, it will be able to be walked in either direction and from any point, but for the purposes of publication we are showing it running clockwise from and to the City of London, the chief town of Middlesex.

The path was initially developed for the Association of British Counties, but building on a great deal of work put in long before by others. The route takes in much of the Middlesex Greenway devised by Stephen J Collins, along the western and northern boundaries of the county, the Lea Valley Walk along the eastern boundary, and the Thames Path along the River Thames which forms the county’s southern boundary. Variations, additional and linking sections were developed within this project contributors including Stephen Collins and members of the Saturday Walking Club so as to take the path around the whole county boundary. They have helped too by walking parts of the path to ensure it is there!

Draft route map


[in development]