Hertfordshire Border Walk

The Hertfordshire Border Walk is a county boundary path being developed as a project of the Association of British Counties, and the development page is hosted here on WildþingUK.

The Hertfordshire Border Walk follows closely around Hertfordshire’s county border as far as is practical, and in several places actually runs on the boundary itself, trespassing over the border but briefly on occasion.  The route takes in a variety of scenery, including the suburban landscape in the south of the county where it meets Middlesex, “Metro-Land”, canal towpaths, riverbanks, farms, woods and the open heaths in the north of the county.

The route allows for excursions from the path to explore places of interest, and innumerable villages and their country pubs.

The total length as currently in drawn in concept is 177 miles.  It can be walked in either direction and from any point, but for the purposes of publication we are showing it running clockwise from and to the county town, Hertford, which does not stand on the boundary, but is close by.  Hertford is however the largest diversion off the boundary and might be omitted in future development of the route. A cut-off (shown purple on the map) is a possible alternative.


The path was initially developed for the Association of British Counties by WildþingUK, but a great deal of work was put in long before by members of the Friends of the Hertfordshire Way to develop their eponymous path, several sections of which now form part also of the Hertfordshire Boundary Path.

Draft route map


[in development]