Village and town

Worcester, from the Cathedral

Eventually, there comes a time to come in from the fields and fells, and stroll into pretty villages.

There are fine villages and towns, and even a clutch of cities worth exploring, so we thought we would find some you would like.

Also, what do you wear in the towns?  You get funny looks all dressed up for the hills when walking the polite streets of the town.  On the other hand, doesn’t the wind oftentimes whistle up Princes Street as coldly as it does on the Moorfoots?  A problem with modernity is that it is designed by people who live inside, in thermostat-controlled studios.  It does not properly take account of the rather obvious point that when you step outside your centrally heated front door, the outside is open to nature.

It is out mission therefore to make life in the town as comfortable as life in the hills.

Yes, there is plenty to see in the city if you open your eyes, and let us find that together.  When I have come in from the hills.