Two wheels, a chain, a couple of pipes to hold then together, and the wind in your hair:  a bicycle is the vehicle of freedom.

To walk from breakfast to teatime over a twelve mile round of wood and pasture is a delight to the soul, but on a bicycle you might length forty miles in a morning all on your own muscle power, stopping where you please, or not at all, turning aside down lanes as the fancy takes or completely changing your mind about where to be.

On a bike you are not shut in an iron box, you are not restrained to roads designed and designated for you, halting only where municipal authorities have deigned to allow you a place.  You are not using up precious fuel with every yard and you are not emptying your bank account to pay for the noxious stuff.  You are free, and your journeying is free:  every mile, every inch, each twist and skip is your own, from your own body.  Open your eyes to the horizon, and that is your world.

We are dedicated to liberating the bicycle from lycra; to celebrating freedom.