South Northamptonshire to Downing Street: a worthy challenge

The south of Northamptonshire has a cluster of pleasant villages, and from these one may set out by a determined route of six days into the complete contrast that is central London; from the homes of the ordinary folk of the land, to the towers of the overmighty.

The route takes on Buckingham, then the whole Grand Union Canal path from Milton Keynes – if you start something like this, you have to continue to the end. Then a series of Royal parks brings the walker to the seat of power.

We start at Syresham, at the head of the Ouse Valley Walk, though many of the pretty villages in the south of Northamptonshire are linked here.  From Syresham the walk passes through four counties:  Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and finally Middlesex, to end at the gates of Downing Street.  It is one of a growing series of “Downing Street Walks” on WildþingUK.

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