Twenty favourite walks, according to Ordnance Survey anyway

The Ordnance Survey have published a list of the top twenty places for walking, by grid square, all calculated scientifically, apparently.  It strikes me then ,shouldn’t we here have a set of walks for each of these?  It’s a big task to be completed over a time, but worth starting soon.

These are worthy places with many of which I am familiar.  Five of the are Edale though, which is a fine place with great walking, packed in season- but can’t somewhere else have a go too?

Anyway, while I look at the walks, what do you think of the list? –

  1. Snowdon (Summit) SH6054 (OL17 – Snowdon; Landranger 115) (and see article)
  2. Edale SK1285 (OL1 – Dark Peak Area; Landranger 110)
  3. Scafell Pike NY2107 (OL6 Lake District South Western Area; LR90 – Penrith & Keswick)
  4. Allen Crags NY2308
  5. Great End / Long Pike NY2208
  6. Helvellyn NY3415 (OL5 – Lake District North Eastern Area; Landranger 90 – Penrith & Keswick)
  7. Edale (Hollins Cross) SK1384 (OL1 – Dark Peak Area; Landranger 110)
  8. Hope Cross SK1687
  9. Crookstome Hill SK1587
  10. Fairholmes SK1789
  11. Dungeon Ghyll / Raven Crag NY2806
  12. Ambleside NY3704 (OL7 – English Lakes Southeastern Area; Landranger 90)
  13. Longthwaite NY2514
  14. Edale (Mam Tor) SK1283
  15. Great Lngdale NY2906
  16. Edale Head / Jacob’s Ladder SK0886 (OL1 – Dark Peak Area; Landranger 110)
  17. Edale Cross SK0786
  18. Fairfield NY3511
  19. Nethermost Pike NY3414
  20. Pen-y-Pass SH6455 (OL17 – Snowdon; Landranger 115)

For the Ordnance Survey press release, see: ‘Britain’s most Trodden Paths‘.

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