Herts Embraced 9.1: Closing the embrace

Last day today.  I am starting where I finished yesterday, where the boundary path crosses the railway line (between Moor Park and Northwood stations; I will walk there from Northwood). Then the plan is to carry on westward to the end of the path, and work my way through Bishop’s Wood Country Park and Woodcock Hill to West Hyde’s Coppermill Lock.  To the south is the county’s southernmost point, where Hertfordshire, Middlesex and Buckinghamshire meet, and a footpath that runs along the county border all the way to the top of Shire Lane in Chorleywood, which lane then runs along the county border to the station, which is where I started on Day 1.  Nine days to get back to where I started.

Well, let’s go.

See: Hertfordshire Border Walk

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