Herts Embraced 7.3: Loop around to Barnet

5:30 pm, High Barnet Station.

The border path through Mimmshall Woods is a delight, ended too soon.  At this point I had almost to double-back on myself to follow the border as it describes a deep hook into the body of neighbouring Middlesex.

South-west, across the M25, then south to the little village of Ridge.  Out of Ridge, I could see the church in High Barnet across the valley, but it was still two hours’ trudging.  There is a danger after a while of concentrating on the path and not appreciating the wild beauty about it.  How much I must have missed.

Two seriously invisible, ploughed-up paths here:  a compass bearing was needed each time.  Soon, it crossed back across the A1. Oh.  (Memo to the Department of Transport – when you provided a helpful footbridge to carry a path over a trunk road, put it where the path is, not quarter of a mile up the road.)

Suddenly the farms turned to stables, and at once to the outermost suburb, Arkley.  Thereafter roads led into Chipping Barnet, or High Barnet (which are alternative names for the same place, if marked separately on the OS map).  The station is High Barnet:  the outermost of the Tube network.

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