Herts Embraced 6.1: The Stort to start

Today I continue south, aiming to complete Hertfordshire’s border with Essex. If I cross the line I must hope the natives are not waiting to drive me off with pitchforks this time.  As long as I don’t announce my intention by publishing it on the internet or anything….

Today’s start, after two weeks’ indolence, is where I left off, in Bishop’s Stortford.  The border is a wet one; marked first by the River Stort, then the River Lea, so I will try to follow the riverside walks and towpaths (both rivers have been canalised) as far as I can, but on the Hertfordshire side of the border.

I must say that as the rivers have been straightened, by the hand of man the border does not follow the centre of the stream all the way, and in places there is no way through but by a small trespass onto the Essex side.

The way looks gentler, in the green river valleys, until I reach the urban, industrial corner of Hertfordshire, which I do not know at all.  It may turn out to be a pleasant surprise, as have all the previous stretches.  I will see.

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