Herts Embraced 4.1: Starting from Ickleford

Waking up at Benslow Music in Hitchin, shortly to take a bus, or a walk, to Ickleford and begin where I left off almost two weeks ago.

The plan today is to reach Royston, which stands astride the Hertfordshire / Cambridgeshire border.  The straight route would be along the Icknield Way, which forms the main street of both Ickleford and Royston, but the county has a last trick up its sleeve:  a large tongue projecting north, licking Bedfordshire on one side and Cambridgeshire on the other, with Ashwell in the middle.  This cannot be missed out.  The resultant route is just over 20 miles.

Tomorrow morning, I should finally turn south, but let’s see where I get to today though.

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