Herts embraced 3.1: From Markyate

8:00 am – Markyate

A chilled, overcast morning and likely to stay cloudy.  A vigorous walk provides the heat though.  I begin where I left off, on the main street of Markyate, a border village.  Some inhabitants may be surprised to be remined that a third of their village is in Bedfordshire but so it is:  the border runs down Buckwood Road, on which I entered the village last week, and north up the High Street.

The plan today is to head out on Hicks Road and thence out onto the bridleways and footpaths, heading east, skimming the north end of Harpenden along the county border, then north, initially along the border to meet the Chiltern Way to Lilley, then to the ancient Icknield Way, which in parts marks Hertfordshire’s northern border.  I am not familiar with any of these paths, yet.

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