Herts Embraced 1.4: to the County Top

5:10 – I have now reached the highest point in Hertfordshire, at Pavis Wood on the county’s border with Buckinghamshire.  This is about as far as I thought I would get today, but the path sloping gently down from here is very tempting.  I just have to ignore the point that my left leg is aching and my right foot throbbing.

This stretch has been a mixture of wooded paths and scrub track, suddenly bursting into broad wheatfields at their ripest and even the parkland of a great house with noble oaks.  Around Cholesbury the woods get dense and thorny as if to bar the way from Buckinghamshire – it is a betwixt-and-between stretch of country, as I suppose a borderland is meant to be.

Now, that path leading north …

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