Herts Embraced 1.3: Bovingdon to Hockeridge Bottom

1:30, eating lunch at a pub.  I am well into the Chilterns now.

Crossing Bovingdon Churchyard still following the Hertfordshire Way, the route soon led out across the vast expanse of the Little Heath Golf Course. It needs care, but the route can be followed. Then the A41 is crossed for the first time, to Bourne End.  From here the path turns west, and into the hills.

After crossing back over the A41, the route drops down to the county border at Bottom Farm. Then it climbs again.  I began to realise that I added wide loops to the route just for the sake of keeping on or as close as possible to the county border. It makes for an interesting walk most of the time, but in the hills it adds ups and downs. Picturesque ones though.

The dogs at Harriotts End Farm so vocal in their criticism of my passing, did have a point:  the farm track west of the farm is not a public right of way, so the route should be diverted. I descended to Hockeridge Bottom, which valley bottom marks the county border, but found no linking path, so as it was past 1, I crossed into Buckinghamshire to find a pub (The Golden Eagle in Ashley Green – to be recommended). When I have finished filling my belly I will wobble back down to the Bottom and follow the border path along and out to the next objective.

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