Village Walks in Buckinghamshire

Towards the Ivinghoe Beacon

A long, thin county with wooded hills and broad valleys, Buckinghamshire has variety, which is reflected in the local walks available.  The best-known are in the Chilterns, but there is a great deal more to be seen in the county:  from the north bank of the Thames to the meadows by the Great Ouse by way of the Chiltern coombes.

It is hard to picture a county boundary walk as such, but please prove me wrong.  A ‘Buckinghamshire Way’, perhaps, from the Thames to Olney, or vice versa?  That could  be a gorgeous trail, and can be featured mapped here.

For a gentle walk, a good option it one of the many village-centred walks , exploring the nooks and crannies of a single village or a group of villages, or going all round the parish boundary.  Often just exploring your own town or village can be an eye-opener If the walk takes you to places not frequented in your day to day routine.  It will be a task for this year: building on WildþingUK a set of good walks across Buckinghamshire, as were in neighbouring Hertfordshire.

So far we have just the Chess Valley Walk (a 10 mile walk through Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire), but there is room for many more, and suggestions are welcome.

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