Greeting the New Year with new things

A bright, clear dawn greeted the new day and the new year – a good time to go out, see what the new year is like, and if we approve of it.  The New Year’s walk is a keen tradition and, if subdued this year as the ‘flu subsides, the fresh air does a world of good.  And yes, we approve of this new year.

At the same time, a new project is beginning, and I took tentative steps to start it:  a Hertfordshire Border Walk has been on the cards.  The start of the path will run from outside Chorleywood station, on the county boundary, and then out across Chorleywood Common, and on to the River Chess, so that is where we went (well, the Rickmansworth Aquadrome was stuffed to bursting with runners – good for them, but not so good for our having a quiet, solitary walk).  Scouting out routes takes only so much time, until I return in earnest; otherwise it is about letting the children go haring about in the woods and the meadows, breathing  in the joys of the new year. This is a promising start to a new year, and new endeavours to come.

A happy new year to all.

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