Middlesex Greenway 11: a string of parks to Enfield

A green pathway through the heart of the urbanised places was this morning’s route.  I started at Arnos Grove station, where I finished last night, left at the Arnos Arms and at the end of a short road, there was Arnos Park, all in the dene of Pymme’s Brook.  The path crosses the narrow with, then straight on through residential streets, but with purpose, to Southgate High Street, which was an interesting discovery – set beside a village green with the village stocks still maintained (if not used; this is clearly a well-behaved village).

You’ll not deny this is a green way

The next park is march larger: Grovelands Park, with its boating lake unfrequented by any keels at this season.

Then it is on towards Enfield.  One path I had marked down, beside a tiny stream, had padlocked gates across it and an injunction notice.  (The notice did not say what the injunction forbids, but I assumed it is against walking the path, and as an officer of the court I cannot get on the wrong side of it.)

The approach to Enfield is initially on the road, with a green expanse of the golf course inaccessible to the public, but the Town Park is.  Here you can follow the path beside the New River, or through the park itself.  Either one leads up to the town centre.

Quick lunch in Enfield, then I start again beside the New River on the final stretch to the Lea and Rammy Marsh.

Library Green, Enfield

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