Middlesex Greenway 1: Staines

Staines: a clean start on the bridge over the Thames, the southern border of Middlesex.  Dawn.  Dark. Just stopped raining blue sky.

(Already tired too:  I got only a few hours’ sleep last night as it was a the Chairman’s charity quiz night.  Still, at least our team came respectably above the middle of the board.)

Late autumn may be the worst time of the year for a day-long walk as the daylight is short, but on the other hand autumn is the loveliest time of the year for the colour and smells of the dim lit dawn and dusk.  As long as I do not slip on leaves and plunge into the chill canals which I will be passing soon, nor get stuck fast in deep sloughs of mud, I should be all right.

There should be a “Middlesex” sign on this bridge. Can the townsfolk push for that?  This is not some anonymous suburb, but Staines, the ancient bridging point, ad Pontem, gateway to the Capital County.

The first step though is north, along Bridge Street, then to try to find the way along the Wraysbury River. It is a bit disconcerting that I might get lost after just 200 yards.  The brook though should take me onto Staines Moor and northwards.

Let’s go.

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