St Helena flying at last

Cabbage trees on St Helena

Good news from the Further Wild:  on Saturday St Helena received its first ever scheduled commercial flight: an SA Airlink service from Johannesburg by way of Windhoek.

St Helena Airport has its problems:  dangerous wind shear that can hurl an aeroplane off unexpectedly, and a runway that heads to the end of a cliff, but the flight landed safely and did not crash even once.  More good news for the moment is that Atlantic Star are still looking to begin flights from Britain to St Helena by way of BathurstBanjul.

The island is small, just 47 square miles, but filled with tough walking routes and challenging, verdant mountains.  It is a pocket paradise alone in the ocean:  “I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space”.

If it can ever become affordable, this little island might become a destination for the adventurous, as well as those seeking Napoleon’s last abode.

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