Walking the Middlesex Greenway

On Saturday 21 October 2017 I will be starting to walk the Middlesex Greenway, from Staines in the south-west to Enfield Lock in the north-east.  Using Ordnance Survey’s on-line tools, I have calculated the distance at 45 miles, and how long it will take I cannot say, but I have set two weekends aside.

The intention is to re-open the route – to see that it is still walkable and if not then to do something about that, and to encourage others to walk the route or sections of the route, for health and, frankly, for the pure pleasure of it.

I am also looking to encourage donations to the Stroke Association:  there is a link below for donations, and I will include a link on each post I make as I go along.

The route has not been walked in full, as far as I am aware, since Stephen Collins devised it and walked it 1990:  he took two days, but then he was a keen and frequent hillwalker.  I am also a keen hillwalker, but less frequent.  I also have to make notes as I go and check that the path is still walkable.  I have also possibly chosen a poor time of the year in terms of visibility:  the daylight hours are short, though in all other respects an autumn walk is a sensual delight.

The Middlesex Greenway is, if it is still walkable, an ideal long-distance route for those of us in the suburbs:  good hard work and running close to stations for getting there and getting home, while exploring lesser known parts of what we think are familiar places.

Actually, don’t just let me tell you:  pull your boots on and explore it yourself .

I will post here as I go when I can, and I am told that it can also be followed on Twitter: @wildthing_uk

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To donate to Stroke Care, click here.

Rupert Barnes

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