Looping Lancashire

Lancashire has given us many things: hotpot, Eccles cake, Stan Laurel – oh, and the Industrial Revolution and the birth of the Modern Age.  It is a county of wonder and practicality, with some of the kingdom’s greatest cities and greatest wild places, so every celebration of the county is deeply meant.

A Lancashire Border Walk is being devised, to provide a walking route all around the bounds of the county.  The idea was the first inspiration for the county boundary walks being hosted on WildþingUK, and likewise the Lancashire project page is being hosted here.  It is more challenging than any other yet devised, as Lancashire is one of the biggest counties in Britain, stretching from the River Mersey and the vast conurbations of South Lancashire, to the Furness Fells of the Lake District.  The route will have to take a long coastline, and the Pennine fell country, where the county borders its rival, Yorkshire.

The Friends of Real Lancashire are looking for help to complete the drawing of the route by 27 November – Lancashire Day.  Then the next challenge is for a hardy soul to walk the new route for the first time.

When anyone is going to walk the route – please drop us a line.  Blog on it here if you can.  It won’t be me though!

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